Monday, October 11, 2010

wHaT's WrOnG wItH YoU???????????

               wHaT's WrOnG wItH YoU???????????

                    Laz nite i juz called u,, 'TyUnK'.,.,.well,..i kinda mad at u bt i donno why.,.,i'm juz,,..mad 4 no reasons.,.,.well,i know dat now u r concetrating 4 ur pmr examintion bt plezz honey,.pay attention 2 me even a little,..Do't u know how i felt???i mean wats wrong wif u sayang,.,.u juz different.,.,..i juz don't know u anymore.,,u r not ma old sairol anymore.,.,.plezz.,..JUZ GIVE ME BACK MA OLD TYUNK!!!!!.,,.,.Don't u know i'm crying,.,.,N dis is all bcoz of U!!!!!!!!.,.,i luv u soooo much bt i can't live like dis.,we're not like we're use 2 b anymore.,.,.Now,evrytime u o i call each other,.,.we juz don't talk,.,SILENCE!!!.,.,.emm.,.,.Wats goin on here??,.

plezz.,.,i don't want us 2 break apart.,.,

                          Dats happened 2 days ago,.,.Yesterday,,u tried 2 make up wif me.,.well,,,u r ma boy so u really know how 2 tackle ma heart,,,.,.WAT A DUMMY,.,.heheehe,,.,.bt thnx a lot ma lurfe 4 cheered me up yesterday.,,.i lurfe u sooo much.,.,.,i kinda a little moody laz nite bcoz i got big fight wif ma fmily n i'm sooo sorry bcoz i scolded u laz nite even though it's not ur fault,,I'M SOOO SORRY DEAR.,.,.,.,.PLEZZ,.,.4GIVE ME.,.,.i was bad.,.,but u never mad at me.,.,u  really understand me.,.,dats one of d reasons i lurfe u so much ma lurfe.,.,.u made me d happiest girl in d world,.,.,thnx again ma lurfe,.,.

juz lurfe u so much.,,pa.,.mmmuah.,.,hahaha.,.